Website Optimization and Lazy Loading
25 August 2020

What is Lazy Loading? Lazy loading is a technique of delaying the loading of certain resources until after the initial page has been rendered. With fewer render-blocking resources,  Read More

PDF with Flutter – Part 2
8 June 2020

PDF with Flutter – Part 2 In the part 1 of PDF with Flutter, we have seen how to generate pdf in flutter and view the same on mobile. Now,...  Read More

Hot Reload in Xamarin
8 June 2020

Designing the UI was never too friendly in Visual Studio while you are working on Xamarin apps. It works a bit under MacOS but in Windows it isn’t too friendly....  Read More

Best Practices to follow while developing a Xamarin Cross Platform App
8 June 2020

No doubt native app development for Android and iOS produces best quality apps. But you don’t always have the liberty to put in efforts to develop same app for two different plat  Read More

Application Development for Virtual Voice Assistant
5 June 2020

Application Development for Virtual Voice Assistant Gone are the days when we used only UI based applications, this is the era of talking to electronic devices. The ridiculously im  Read More

PDF with Flutter – Part 1
5 June 2020

PDF with Flutter – Part 1 As we know, Google has provide the Flutter framework for X-platform application development, including for both mobile and web. I was working on the...  Read More

iBeacon Detector for iOS
5 June 2020

What are Beacon and  iBeacon? Beacon is a small wireless device whose only function is to transmit the signals within specified range. Those signals contain an information whi  Read More

Agile Methodology for mobile app development
26 June 2017

Agile Methodology is utilized by many software development companies as an alternative to traditional methods of project management. There are many challenges & limitations exp  Read More

Things you need to know about outsourcing mobile app development
26 June 2017

Outsourcing is an alternative which is often opted when there is unavailability of in-house developers, budgetary constraints, not enough time to include one more project to the li  Read More

On-demand Apps-An amazing concept to augment businesses
26 June 2017

On-demand economy is on the verge to grow & expand in all the segments in coming future. It has revolutionized most of the businesses, providing their consumers the best possib  Read More

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