Why DevOps?

App Crashes

Build to Dev Server

Team Time Spend on Builds

Customer Report Crashes

Lost Code – Zip Deleted


How can we help with DevOps?

  • Make your app Reliable! Improve quality!
  • Help you Build and Release with confidence
  • Give you insights into the development, release and feedback process
  • Centralize and secure your publish channels
  • Free up your team to do more
  • Detect defects early, not just faster
  • Save MONEY!

In the 2 hours, we will

  • Implement your version control
  • Implement error tracking in your app
  • Setup a build pipeline on any 1 platform (Android or iOS) (Native or XPlat)
  • Automate it to release nightly/weekly builds to your testing team
  • Improve the publishing platform’s security
  • Give an overview and brief training of the tools used
  • Set you on the path of DevOps


Will you own our source code? Will you take our source code?

No, you own your source code. We won’t copy or modify it. We will work with you to implement minor changes and the build process. Your source code will be secure and private.

Will you be using paid tools?

Nope, all tools will be free and you can continue to use them after the session.

Can we have a call before hand to understand the risk?

Sure, book a 15 minute call here

Have you done this before?

23 companies are using the DevOps process we established for them.